Best camping spot around Metro Vancouver!

Best camping spot around Metro Vancouver!

Best camping spot around Metro Vancouver!
Let’s fly in summer…. Let’s go for a trip

With the coming on of summer, people’s moods are also flying with the summer.
Camping has always been a popular activity in North America. In Vancouver, camping is usually open from May to October every year. Because of the large temperature difference between day and night outdoors in Canada, summer is the most suitable for camping. The perfect time is in July & August. Most national parks and provincial parks have campsites. Many campsites are built in places with excellent scenery. There is everything from car camping, backpacking camping, and RV camping around Vancouver.

No matter where you go, you must pay attention to safety while enjoying outdoor activities and cool off. Learn more about the safety rules of the camp, know your location; pay attention to avoid bears and other wild animals; prepare a first aid kit, spare clothes, kettles, flashlights, and other emergency supplies.

1.Golden Ears Provincial Park
Highlights: camping by car, camping in the wild, hiking trails & lakes.

Golden Spike Provincial Park is the closest provincial park to Vancouver. Located in the mountains outside Maple Ridge, only an hour’s drive from downtown Vancouver, the park gate stands with a goat sculpture. After the entrance, there is a straight forest avenue. After entering the park, you will arrive at the Ailuette Lake campsite in the park. (Alouette Lake Campground) and Gold Creek Campground (Gold Creek Campground). The Golden Ears Park is named because the two main peaks of Mount Blanshard are shining golden in the winter sun. The famous Alouette Lake has a vast lake, surrounded by mountains on three sides. The lake reflects green trees, snowy mountains, blue sky, and white clouds. Whether it is a verdant mountain or a clear lake, it is full of spirit and beauty. The hiking trails in the park are also very famous, with many trails of varying difficulty. The Alouette Mountain Trail has a round-trip length of 20 kilometers, leading to the top of Alouette Mountain, and there are many open viewing platforms along the way. Climbing to the top of the mountain, you can see the panoramic view of the Fraser Valley to the south, and the Georgian Bay and Vancouver Island to the west. In addition to camping and hiking, boating and fishing are also popular sports and leisure ways in the park.

2. Manning Provincial Park
Highlights: camping by car, camping in the wild, hiking trails & lakes.

Manning Provincial Park (EC Manning Provincial Park) is a wonderful place
in the heart of the Cascade Mountains. It has beautiful lakes and vast alpine meadows. Stay on the water for leisurely rafting. The park has deep forests, dense river valleys, and rich animal and plant resources. Starting from Hope Town, follow Highway No. 1 turn to Highway No. 3 at Exit 177, and drive for about 20 minutes to enter Manning Park. To reach the most popular leisure area in Manning Park, you need to continue along Drive on the third road for more than half an hour and arrive at the resort’s area of the park. Lightning Lake and alpine meadows are all nearby. Lightning Lake Trail is a more popular trail, you can enjoy the scenery of the lake all the way. The July day in the Manning Mountains is like spring on the flat land, and the climate is cool and pleasant. Every year from the end of June to the beginning of August, there is a sea of ​​flowers. All kinds of colorful wildflowers from the high mountains are sprinkled on the hillsides wantonly and spread in the wind.


3. Alice Lake Provincial Park
Highlights: lakes, swimming, fishing and hiking.

The campsite attached to Alice Lake Provincial Park is one of the best camping sites in Metro Vancouver. It is only an hour and a half drive from downtown Vancouver, and only 13 kilometers from the nearest town, Squamish. Along the waterfront trail, you can go around the lake, and enjoy the scenery of the lake and mountains and soak up the green shower. The lake is like a big mirror, reflecting the shadows of the trees and the blue sky, making it hard to tell which piece is the sky and which piece is water. Fishing here, the figure and the green of the lake are integrated, it is really hard to tell if you don’t look carefully. If you are a walking enthusiast, there is another quiet small lake beside Alice Lake, Stump Lake, which is a good choice for exploring the secluded area. People with better physical fitness may wish to choose Four Lakes Trail to practice leg strength and visit the four lakes in the entire area. The temperature in the forest at night is only about ten degrees, so you have to put on a thin coat. Raising a campfire, warming up, listening to the crackling sound of the dry wood in the fire, and enjoying the night, what a wonderful day!

4. Porteau Cove Provincial
Highlights: stargazing, diving, going out to sea…

The famous Porteau Cove on the Sea to Sky highway Highway in West Vancouver is one of the smallest provincial parks in BC. Small but well-equipped: there is little light pollution, and it is a sacred place for stargazing and aurora viewing around Metro Vancouver. On a clear night, it is suitable to look up at the stars; in Porteau Cove Provincial Park: stargazing, diving, going out to sea… a lot of fun! It is also a famous diving shrine in Metro Vancouver. In spring and summer, you will find many divers exploring the underwater world here; there is also a small pier, suitable for going out to sea and watching the sky and the sea. In general, this “mini” provincial park is really as fun as a national park. Even if you only come here to enjoy the scenery, surrounded by mountains on three sides and the sea on the other side. The beautiful scenery is almost impossible to say, and you can only enjoy it visually.

5. Cultus Lake Provincial Park Located near Chilliwack,
Highlights: swimming, camping, picnics, boating

Cultus Lake Provincial Park is a famous summer resort in the Greater Vancouver Lower Mainland. It has perfect facilities for outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, boating, fishing, and hiking. It is also a good place for swimming. A large water park for children to play in, a wooden bridge is specially built on the lake; a large area for swimming and diving is divided. The dock by the lake has various types of boats for rent, whether kayaks or motorboats. Cultus Lake in summer is a paradise for enjoying water sports. The park is rich in various fish resources, bred many rainbow trout, steelhead trout, and all five types of salmon. The park is also a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. Sitting on the lakeside while basking in the sun and drinking a cold beer is something Canadians especially yearn for.



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